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Routes of the day

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May 18th

Jordan Creek Park
     7250 Alexander Rd, Painesville, OH 44077

ELC Tulip Tree Loop [2.3] {1.5} (L) *Trail* --Pictured--

Start in the parking lot and go onto the trail, go straight till you get to the start of ridge trail, go right, take the trail till you get to Tulip Tree Trail, take that trail until you get to Research Station Trail, go right, and take that trail back to the parking lot.

May 19th

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 10.06.29.png

Harvey High School
     200 W Walnut Ave, Painesville, OH 44077

Harvey Loop [1.75] {1} (L) *Pavement*

Left onto West Walnut, left onto BP, left onto West Washington, left onto Mentor Ave, left onto West Walnut and back to Harvey.

May 20th

Lakeshore loop.png

Veteran's Park
     5730 Hopkins Rd, Mentor, OH 44060

Lakeshore Loop [7] {2} (L) *Pavement/Trail*

Veterans Parking lot to Hopkins Road, then down Lakeshore Blvd, then when you reach Corderoy go left, down till you get to Garden Lane, then when you get to Lakeview Dr go right till you get to Lakeview Drive, then when you get to Headlands Road take it till you get to the Marina Trails, once you are out of the trails you Harbor Drive till you get to Hopkins, then take Hopkins back to Veterans.

Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 09.35.38.png

May 21st

Concord Woods
     11211 Spear Rd, Painesville, OH 44077

Concord Woods [5] {2} (L/OB) *Pavement/Trail*

Take Woodland Trail loop past pond, take woodland trail till intersection with Concord Woods entrance, right on Spear Road, right on Auburn Road, take Auburn till Ellison Creek Entrance and go left, Take Ellison Creek Dr, right on Deer Haven Dr, right on Stonewycke Dr, right on Auburn, take it till Spear Rd, left on Spear rd, back to Concord Woods entrance and turn right onto Woodland trail loop and take it back same way you came. 

May 22nd

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 12.17.18.png

Lake Erie Bluffs
     3100 Lane Rd, Perry, OH 44081

Bluffs Loop [3.1] {1} (L) *Pavement/Trail*

Take Bluff loop trail all the way around to right hand turn onto the connector with Lane road, left onto Niagra Ave, left on Blackemoore Rd, right on Clark Rd, left into Lake Erie Bluffs entrance and go towards the watchtower, left on Eagle View trail, then right on Lakeview trail all the way back to Lake Erie Bluffs starting parking lot.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 12.31.45 PM.png

May 23rd

Shell Bike Path
     850 Liberty St, Painesville, OH 44077

Chair factory Falls OB [5] {2} (OB) *Pavement/Trails*

Head out on the BP till you get to the Falls trail, take it all the way down, and then turn around and head back.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 11.25.06 AM.png

May 24th

Riverside High School
     716-832 OH-84, Painesville, OH 44077

Nelmar Loop [3.5] {1.5} (L) *Pavement*

Start in Riverside HS parking lot, go out through the parking lot right down Riverside Drive, once you get to Nelmar go down it till you go out at Madison Avenue, then turn left and go down back to Riverside Drive, and take it back to Riverside HS.

Screenshot 2022-03-10 10.04.49.png

May 25th

Girdled Road Bike Path
     Greenway Corridor, Painesville, OH 44077

The Split OB [4] {1} (OB) *Pavement*

Begin by heading straight on the BP, cross Colburn road, cross Clark road, run to the Y split in the path, turn around and run back.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 09.25.40.png

May 26th

Mentor Lagoons
     8365 Harbor Dr,, Mentor, OH 44060

Lagoon Loop [6] {1} (L) *Pavement/Trail*

Lakefront Trail to Headlands road, Lakeview drive to Garden Ln, Right on Corduroy, Corduroy to Lakeshore Blvd, Left on Lakeshore, Lakeshore to Harbor Drive, right on Harbor Dr and take it to lagoons parking lot.

BP to elc big loop.png

May 27th

Shell Bike Path
     850 Liberty St, Painesville, OH 44077

BP to ELC Big Loop OB [7] {2} (OB/L) *Pavement*

Go down the BP till you get to the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) entrance, go down into ELC, do the big loop, and then go back on the BP.

May 28th

Screenshot 2022-05-28 15.40.15.png

Skok Meadow
     12415 Concord Hambden Rd, Painesville, OH 44077

Gridiron Grit [4] {3} (OB/L) *Trail*

Start at restrooms, head down trail to suspension bridge, take a left after suspension bridge and another left to head up switchbacks, go up to north and do the top big loop, then go back down stairs and head back same way.

May 29th

Indian Point
     12701 Seeley Rd, Painesville, OH 44077

Screenshot 2021-10-19 10.19.30.png

Indian Point Loop [2.75] {2} (L/OB) *Pavement/Trail*

--Start bottom parking lot-- take a left out of parking lot and head towards Indian Point hill, once you reach top of hill go right on the grass trails, take outside loop of grass trail and go out towards top parking lot, go straight into point overlook loop, take that till you reach staircase, turn around and take a right at the point overlook trail Y intersection, go straight till top parking lot, right down hill back to bottom parking lot.

Screenshot 2022-05-29 14.32.43.png

May 30th

Hidden Lake
     7024 Kniffen Rd, Painesville, OH 44077

Hidden Lakes Loop[2] {1} (L) *Trail*

Take trail towards hidden lake outer loop, take a left at fork, follow trail and go left at the hill, then take a left down side trail into back trails, take a right, then a left and go straight until you have to take a left, the  continue straight until left, continue straight until left, and then right back onto hidden lake trail, then a left and follow outer loop back to parking lot.

May 31st

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 08.22.31.png

Riverside High School
     716-832 OH-84, Painesville, OH 44077

Beaty Loop[2.5] {2} (L) *Pavement/Trail*

Right on Riverside Dr, take it to bottom Beaty landing entrance, right into entrance and take it to back pavilion, straight on path that goes past pavillion, follow to T intersection, left at intersection, take that trail until second left, take the left and go up the hill into top entrance, left out of entrance, back to Riverside High.

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