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About Bryce 

  • Graduated Riverside in 2022

  • Ran Varsity Track and Cross Country for four years

  • Ran indoor track

  • Attending Bowling Green State University

  • Running cross country and track at BGSU

Tips and Preferences

  • I get up at least 3 hours prior to a race to make sure body adjusts

  • Eating for me stops at least 2 1/2 hours before race

  • Smartwool Socks

  • Garmin Watch

Running Help

  • Tips for Beginners

    • Take your time!​

    • Getting proper running shoes is the most important part of training

    • Start with low mileage, and don't push the pace (run slow)

    • Don't run every day, take breaks when needed

    • Listen to your body, make sure you stretch

    • Have FUN!

  • Tips for Regulars

    • Throw in a long run at the end of the week (should be 30% of your weekly mileage)

    • Don't be afraid to take a rest day

    • Make sure you properly fuel your body with nutrition and WATER

    • Do the little things: core, rolling out, eating properly, sleeping, hydrating

    • Make your easy days easy, and your hard days hard

    • Run in new places, switch up where you train ​​​

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